Oct 14, 2015

you sign mine... I'll sign yours

Typical for an author to go 'round signing books (although, I have to say, this still feels quite surreal). I took this concept a step further and have begun asking everyone mentioned in "Japanese Contemporary Quilts and Quilters" to sign my book. A bit like collecting autographs for a high school yearbook... only way cooler!
Autograph Nine Patch.
In order to start gathering the signatures, while I was in Japan a few weeks ago, I invited the artists featured in my new book to an afternoon reception at the lovely Hilton Hotel in Shinjuku.
From left: Akemi Narita, Yasuko Saito, Yoko Sekita (and her husband), Yoshiko Jinzenji, me, Keiko Goke, Yoshiko Kurihara, Miki Murakami, Makiko Aoki, and on the right, Miki's sister.
It was great fun. An amazing collection of artists... with food resembling works of art.

These signatures AND the time we spent together were priceless.

Cover artist Yoko Sekita and her husband!
Truly a special moment ... at the end of a very long journey of researching and writing this book.

Keiko Goke signs her page.
Akemi Narita (center), an extremely talented translator, and Keiko Goke. 

Makiko Aoki and her page (featured on the right page of the book).
Miki Murakami.
Yasuko Saito, in her beautiful traditional Kimono, reacts to seeing her art in the book for the first time.

Yoshiko Kurihara.
Yoko Saito signs my book at her retail store, Quilt Party, a day earlier.
I brought gifts from Texas, of course. More specifically, pins from the Texas Quilt Museum with a small red cowboy boot charm attached. Each pin is adorned with Shibori ribbons.

Here's Yoshiko Jinzenji and me at her home in Kyoto. Stay tuned for a blog post in the not-too-distant future with lots more on her home, her art and her astounding collection of quilts and textiles.

Yoshiko Jinzenji at her home in Kyoto.

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  1. Such an amazing experiance for you! Being an author is one thing, sharing the book with everyone in it and getting their autographs is the icing on the cake! You are so lucky to have had that chance!