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I'm the author of 2 books on Japanese textiles.
"Cotton & Indigo from Japan"
"Japanese Contemporary Quilts and Quilters: The Story of an American Import"

TRAVEL TIP: The Japan Rail Pass. Buy one before you go!


Japan Quilt Tours

I was recently approached by Japan Deluxe Tours about their Tokyo Quilt Festival Tour.  It looks like a good option for folks who want to attend the Tokyo International Great Quilt Festival in January 2020. Japan Deluxe Tours is offering a $50 discount code for quilters via my website. Use coupon code TFQ50QF.

While I have not gone on this tour, I have used the Japan Deluxe Tours website many, many times for information. They have excellent information about places to go and how to get there, etc. I encourage everyone to visit this lovely country. Its is so easy to get around. The Tokyo Dome Show is a wonderful must see. The food in Japan is fantastic. Crime is almost non-existent. And best of all, the people are polite and friendly. Go!
email: info@japandeluxetours.com

Please note: I am sharing this as a courtesy. I am not affiliated with Japan Deluxe Tours and was not compensated for this post.

Want to go fabric shopping in Japan?
Visit Nippori Textile Town - read more here
Cotton Tenugui - read about these 

Yukata Cotton - read all about it here

Yukata is a summer kimono and this gorgeous fabric is perfect for quilting.
Shop online for Yukata fabric here: Okan Arts.

Looking for Japanese Fabric Online? 

Willow Lane Quilting Company has Japanese taupe fabrics by Yoko Saito. plus patterns, kits, tools and more!

Check out Miss Matatabi on Etsy.

For vintage, very cool, imported Yukata, go to Okan Arts Shop. These are prefect for quilting cottons! 

Superbuzzy is another source. They have a good selection of Japanese prints... including lots of Echino fabric - a popular Japanese designer.


Read my article on "The Quilt Show with Alex Anderson and Ricky Tims"
featuring Japanese artist, quilter and fabric designer Keiko Goke.

Keiko Goke will have a new collection of quilting cotton with Free Spirit - sometime in 2018!

Hand Stitched Quilt with Antique Japanese Textiles

My blog posts from Japan:

my surprise discovery of a new Japanese quilter

Life is full of surprises, and the best surprise of all is when we get to discover a new quilter whose work we can love and dream about. On my last visit to Japan, I met one of those quilters. Her name is Miwako Watanabe and I met her for the first time at the Quilt Time Festival in Yokohama (May 2018).

"Cotton & Indigo from Japan" Book Launch! At Amuse Museum in Asakusa see it here

Chasing Tadao Ando, Japan's super architect read more here

Japan Travel: Looking back on my favorite Kyoto walk

The lanterns of Kanazawa: a photo essay travel post see the photos here

Read about how Little House on the Prairie influenced Japan

Meet some of the Famous faces from: Tokyo Great International Quilt Festival 2016

My quilt was featured on Keiko Goke's website.

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