Jan 21, 2016

Little House on the Prairie influenced Japanese quilters

Just published today: a guest post for the "Little House on the Prairie" website! The timing coincides with the opening of the Tokyo International Great Quilt Festival 2016... the world's largest quilting event and a place filled with a generation of women who were inspired and influenced by this iconic American TV show.

Read the whole post here.

 Anyone out there have fond memories of the Laura Ingall's books and tv show? I certainly do. There's a whole new set of remastered DVDs of the show... might have to do some binge watching one day.


  1. Thank you Teresa! Your post is a wonderful piece of quilting information! I had no idea LHOTP was even known in Japan! I had imagined their quilting heritage was primarily rooted by their long history of fine workmanship.

  2. I made my first quilt after reading those books! I was twelve and knew everyone should use outgrown clothing. Didn't realize it influenced the Japanese, too.