Jul 31, 2017

boxes of books and fabric and a date with Fort Worth

My first lecture for my new book tour is August 18. So this morning I sat down to make sure I have all the details nailed down. First thing I did was check the Trinity Valley Quilters' Guild website --- and there I am! Wow.

Even though this is my second tour of duty so to speak, it is still so surreal. And still exciting.

My full shipment of books arrived this weekend. Thank you Schiffer Publishing!!!

So I am stocked up and ready to share this gorgeous book.

I will also be traveling with other goodies! Japanese fabric, patterns and kits to sell. And quilts to show of course.

Boxes are stacked everywhere in my studio right now...! Slowly getting them organized and ready to hit the road.

Jul 4, 2017

preview of my new book has arrived "Cotton & Indigo from Japan"

Writing a nonfiction, art history book is a long and solitary process. Fortunately, there is definitely a reward at the end... and this week, that reward arrived in my mailbox. One preview copy of my new book: "Cotton & Indigo from Japan."

The book is published by Schiffer Publishing and I feel so blessed to be working with such a quality company. Their graphic design and treatment of photos, their sincere editing efforts and stunning covers!!!... all of their work really makes this book so beautiful.

There are 300+ photos, the vast majority are photos I took. On one of my visits to Japan, my husband (a professional photographer) traveled with me and a few of the photos are his credits. Others images were loaned to me by the artists.

For this book, I made several trips to Japan and I interviewed so many people.

It was a real honor to spend time with Shizuko Kuroha and also Yoshiko Jinzenji. These two artists are treasures. Spending time with them was so interesting and I loved every minute. Their work is incredibly detailed... their voices are do distinct. And both their stories are part of my new book.

Many other quilters are featured too!

Plus there is so much more."Cotton & Indigo" shares the history of cotton in Japan and brings the reader right up to current days and even takes you on an inside tour of Japan's quilting cotton textile printing mills. Getting these tours was not easy, but the two companies were gracious and spent considerable time with me explaining their work and process. Their story of how they won (and keep!) the title of the world's finest printing mills is fascinating.

The book also features indigo dyers and sashiko artists... folk crafts masters who dye tenugui and yukata with the chusen method... and weavers who still make handcrafted woven cotton cloth.

You can pre-order the book on Amazon, Amazon Japan... and autographed copies will be available on my website  teresaduryeawong.com

I also have more than 12 lectures planned all over the U.S. Check out my book tour link here.