Jun 22, 2015

my DWR quilt featured on Keiko Goke's blog

My improv double wedding ring - featuring Keiko Goke's vibrant Japanese prints - is featured on Keiko's blog!

So proud that she loves my quilt and shared these photos with her followers.

If you'd like to read the back story on this quilt (on my blog in English) here is the link to my previous post.

Jun 19, 2015

the great third floor remodel of 2015, part two

I feel like the luckiest quilter in the world. My studio remodel is making great progress... and soon I will have the studio people dream about. But at this moment, it is still a bit of a mess... I have stuff everywhere... overflowing several rooms.

Below is the BEFORE photo of my cutting table --- it was a custom built-in cabinet. Getting it un-attached from the wall was no easy task.

Now its a stand alone beautiful island table and cutting surface. I am in awe of the work these carpenters can do. This thing will last a lifetime. And yes, this is the very same table in both photos - it somehow looks twice as big without the walls around it. I was so happy it could be salvaged and repaired. 

 New doors are hung.

And a photo that may interest only me... new lights have been installed in the ceiling. These are perfectly aimed in rows situated over the sewing table and also the island cutting table. Can't wait to flip the switch and soak in all this perfect lighting!

I truly appreciated all the nice comments I got when I first posted about this remodel. It is so fun to see other people's studios too... especially fellow quilters. By blogging about my own remodel, I learned about lots of other people who were also doing remodels, or had just finished. Having a great studio is a dream a lot of us share.

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Jun 12, 2015

the great third floor remodel of 2015 begins

Once there was a pesky wall between a tiny studio and a lovely bedroom. 
That bedroom was once occupied by a boy. 
That boy moved out and found his own apartment. 
So the lady (and the husband) said: 
"Mr. Gorbachev: Tear Down This Wall."

Well, Mr. Gorbachev never took notice. But some handy construction experts did. And just like that, a few days later... the wall came down!

But first, the lady (and the husband) had to move ALL the stuff out of the tiny studio. The stuff filled parts of two rooms! Seriously, how could this much stuff fit into an 8 ft x 10 ft space? It boggles the mind. The lady must be incredibly organized!

Now ... all she can do is wait. And before long, the studio of her dreams will be right there in front of her. Life on the Third Floor is oh so Beautiful.

Jun 5, 2015

gray, red, white, mint and a smack of fuschia all pieced together

It all started with this muted red fabric with white dots. It spoke to me. So I dug out all the cool fabrics I've purchased in the last 2 years that have been sitting in the 'someday' pile and went to work cutting and stitching. No plan. No rulers.

Here's what I came up with: a 16 block improv quilt top. Its 44 inches square. So, I'm curious. what label would you give this? Would you call it modern, or art quilt, or traditional? Wall hanging or to use? Or maybe... does it really matter?

I love it regardless. Just thought it would be interesting to hear your reaction.

Did you know, the average American quilter has $6,000 worth of fabric in her stash? Astounding, truly. This little fun fact is straight from the big survey the industry conducts every year.

Well, I put a tiny dent in my stash today... and I've actually used all my faves. Clearly, we all buy what we like, right? So its no surprise that the gray, red, white, mint and touch of fuchsia colors and patterns all worked well together.

I recently finished an improv DWR (double wedding ring) and it was so fun to make that I was motivated to do another one.

The folk art appeal of the finished piece draws me in. But more importantly, I love piecing quilt tops this way. Its so free-ing. Just cut and sew and go. If it doesn't fit, add a bit here or cut a bit there. Tons of fun. If you seek precision and lines that match up, this style is definitely not for you.

The red and white fabrics are Moda, as is the gray print. The small flower print is Liberty. Love this. I only had a Fat Eight and I used every bit of it. The large gray and mint dots and the mustangs are Cotton + Steel. The Liberty and Cotton + Steel were purchased at QuiltCon earlier this year.

Next I plan to add hand embroidery! Picture a little French knot in each of those gray flowers... and more. The quilt top is currently stapled to the wall in my studio and as I work on other things I study it and envision lots of beautiful embroidery embellishment to add tiny little touches... not anything over the top. The big decision will be how to quilt it...

Leave me a comment and let me know your thoughts on what label or category this one falls into... or if it even matters. Love to hear from you!

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