Jun 12, 2015

the great third floor remodel of 2015 begins

Once there was a pesky wall between a tiny studio and a lovely bedroom. 
That bedroom was once occupied by a boy. 
That boy moved out and found his own apartment. 
So the lady (and the husband) said: 
"Mr. Gorbachev: Tear Down This Wall."

Well, Mr. Gorbachev never took notice. But some handy construction experts did. And just like that, a few days later... the wall came down!

But first, the lady (and the husband) had to move ALL the stuff out of the tiny studio. The stuff filled parts of two rooms! Seriously, how could this much stuff fit into an 8 ft x 10 ft space? It boggles the mind. The lady must be incredibly organized!

Now ... all she can do is wait. And before long, the studio of her dreams will be right there in front of her. Life on the Third Floor is oh so Beautiful.


  1. Look at all those glorious windows!! I'm right there with you in wondering how one fits so much stuff into a small studio. I think all of my fabric and books multiplied on the drive between old home and new!! Can't wait to see how your studio progresses!!

  2. How exciting! What a wonderful space it will be!!

  3. Lucky you!! I'll be very interested in how you outfit your new space. I too am building a studio and it looks to be about the same size.

  4. There are some bright spots to the kiddos flying the nest! Mazel tov to your new space! Those windows...I'm so jealous.

  5. Such a lovely space! You must be over the moon excited!

  6. Oh GIRL....I'm excited FOR YOU !

  7. Oh Lady!!! What a great studio this will be! When you get an idea, you sure don't waste any time! It may be a mess right now, but that will soon end and then the real fun begins! You are one lucky laddy!

  8. Absolutely fantastic!! THIS is what empty nest is all about!! Can't wait to see it all put back together!