Feb 28, 2018

reflections on QuiltCon 2018: few words, many photos.

Reflections on QuiltCon 2018: few words, many photos

 Pasadena, California exhibit hall: Nice space!

 Day One: its cold in California?!? And I'm so lucky to have a lifelong quilt buddy, Amy G.

 "She Was Warned" by Liz Harvatine won Viewer's Choice. This was one of my favorites too!  

I gave 2 lectures! Whew, that was SO FUN!


"Black, Brown and White in Orange" by Karen Maple is a powerful statement, 
but also a very beautiful quilt.


Modern quilts are changing, but minimalism still reigns. "Mod Garden" by Jack Weise.

By god, there's hope for America! This quilt was in the YOUTH category.  
"Twitter Tantrum" by Cabrina Cabriales.

SAQA had a retrospective on the art quilt. This one is from 2009. Stunning. 
"Edge 6" by Marina Kamenskaya.


Lovely dinner with Etsuko san. She is wearing a top I made for her! 
Featuring fabric designed by Yoshiko Jinzenji, made in Japan by Yuwa.

"Women dress for other women" said Coco Chanel. And women stop other women and ask them about their clothes and shoes! My friend Amy G. makes a new friend... and maybe finds new shoes?

And these two young, beautiful women are friends of my daughter! They recently moved to LA (from New York). Who knows why they would give up part of their weekend to come meet their friend's mom. Lucky me!

Day four: a little warmer. My new handmade mariejay handbag was everything I hoped it would be!

Final thought: The Modern Quilt Guild is a vibrant community 
filled with really cool quilts and quilters. 
I hope I can be a part of Nashville in 2019!

thank you #quiltcon2018