Mar 27, 2018

quilting cotton made in America

Have you made a quilt with American Made Brand quilting cotton? If so, I'd love to hear from you. I'm researching a new book on American cotton and its connection to quilting.

American Made Brand (also called AMB) cotton solids are the real deal. They are made from cotton that is 100% grown in America. The base textile is made in America and dyed here as well. The company is based in Seattle (they're part of Clothworks). AMB is only available in solids.

I just purchased a large selection of colors. The hand of these fabrics is just lovely. It is a thin, slightly silk feel. I can't wait to make a couple quilts with these.

If you've made a quilt with AMB solids, or know someone who has... please let me know. I would like to hear about your experiences and why you chose this fabric, and of course I'd like to see your quilt! Please leave a comment here - or you can email me directly at  teresa at thirdfloorquilts dot com

Two weeks ago I visited the Texas Cotton Gin in Burton, Texas. One of the oldest working cotton gins in the U.S.

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Selvedge Magazine excerpt of "Cotton & Indigo from Japan"


The beautiful Selvedge Magazine has published an excerpt of "Cotton & Indigo from Japan" in their Japan Blue edition. I'm so proud that my book is included in this issue of this international publication.

Selvedge's Japan Blue issue features many stunning textiles being made in Japan.

The excerpt from my book covers the art of Chusen - a method used to dye cotton with steaming hot pour dyes.

Read more in their magazine, or order an autographed copy of "Cotton & Indigo from Japan" from my website:

Mar 16, 2018

need a moose for your wall? the Bailey's do!

Teresa Duryea Wong. Moose Bailey. 38 x 31 inches. Cotton. Machine quilted. 2018.
Fourteen months ago, some friends of ours commissioned me to make an art quilt for them. Today I finally finished it!

Our friends had seen two quilts of mine (pictured below - the zebras and Holy Cow) in our home, and they looked at them closely and said they wanted something like this for their house. I didn't pay too much attention to the comment, I though they were just being nice.

Turns out, they really did want an original art quilt. So we talked about ideas and color schemes. We settled on a moose! I enlarged the image in black and white to the size I wanted the finished quilt to be. Next, I covered the image with tracing paper and used the photo as a guide and traced shapes that followed the contour of the moose. I ended up changing the image I traced to smooth out edges, etc. and make it work better for a textile.

The image below shows the photograph with tracing paper placed over it. Kind of hard to see, but the pencil marks are how I made the applique shapes.

Next I covered a natural colored cotton with Misty Fuse and got ready to applique. I pulled about two hundred fabrics in the colors I wanted. Then I used a light table to trace the shapes onto freezer paper. I ironed the freezer paper on the fabric and cut them out, then fused them to the cotton shape --- using the traced image as a guide for placement. This applique is raw edge.

It was quite fun to make this one. Our friends want to have it framed... so that is the next step.

I have only done one other commission, and it was a quilt for a kid's room. I really enjoyed making this moose. His name is: Moose Bailey.

Thanks Bailey's for your patience and more importantly, for your trust in me to make something for your beautiful home!