Jan 11, 2019

the real deal - preview copies of my new book have arrived

The long awaited day is finally here. The preview copies of my new book were delivered to my doorstep. Its an exciting time, and also a bit nerve wracking. Exciting because the long and lonely process of writing, editing and publishing is over. Nerve wracking because now is the time to find out if this is a book anyone will want to read! That is the honest truth and I assume every author goes through some bit of that... even if they do not admit it.

"American Cotton: Farm to Quilt" was published by me --- Third Floor Quilts. I chose to go this route for a couple of reasons, the primary one being the ability to publish quicker than most big publishing companies.

Another reason was control of the whole process, including graphic design, photography, every little thing... including distribution! This book will be sold through my website, TeresaDuryeaWong.com and will be sold online through the Amazon Marketplace, but the price will be controlled. You will not find "American Cotton: Farm to Quilt" discounted on Amazon. That means hopefully you will find it in your local quilt store since I will offer quilt shops the opportunity to sell it and not be undercut by online sales.

Copies will begin shipping from my website early March 2019! Book is 156 pages, soft cover, filled with over 100 images of quilts, farms, cotton and more.

Whew. Its a lot! I am thrilled and a bit overwhelmed at the moment. But I am super excited about this new book and all the potential for it out there in the world.

I am working hard on a new lecture to bring this book to life in a lively and entertaining way! And I am already booked to give lectures at:

  • QuiltCon in Nashville
  • Quilters Guild in Plano
  • Quilt Guild of Greater Houston
  • Greater San Antonio Quilt Guild
  • Quilters' Guild of Dallas
  • Highland Lakes Quilt Guild
  • and many others are in the works!

This the real joy for me. Going out and visiting with guilds, bringing this story to life, and spending time with people who share a passion for quilts. That's what makes it all worth while.
Stay tuned for more.

Jan 7, 2019

one week into the new year, three quilts in the works

A great way to start of the first week of 2019... I have three quilts in the works. I've been working on the one above for about a month. This is a remake of antique quilt first made in 1890s. My quilt is titled "1890s Cheddar, Charcoal and Cherry". It's applique and pieced - 72 inches square (I think).

Its basted and I've started machine quilting it. The plan is to be able to finish it in a few more weeks. I am thinking about entering this in a competition this year... maybe IQA show at Int Quilt Festival. What do you think?

I have never entered IQA before. I have only entered 2 quilts in exhibitions, one was in Sacred Threads and another was a non-juried show and I was lucky enough to be accepted in both of those. But IQA is a whole different ball game. I'm not afraid of rejection though, so I guess I'll just go for it... however, best to wait and see how it looks when its done.

Photographed on the floor on my studio, sorry :(  I will try for better pics next time!

This one below is my indigo (self described) masterpiece. I first wrote about here back in June. The fabric is all antique (some as old as 100 years) and vintage Japanese textiles. I'm hand quilting it... so this will take quite a while. This one is quite large, 85 inches (I think...)

The quilt below is a top I finished over the holiday.

I plan to gift this quilt to a guy who did a really nice favor for me. Its a surprise, but I doubt he reads my blog... plus he does not know he is getting this. The fabrics are vintage cotton Yukata and new Japanese cotton prints. I started out making something small for him, and my ideas kept getting bigger and bigger, and thus I ended up with this big quilt. I hope he likes it, I think it will be big enough to lay on top of a bed as a second quilt, or something decorative.

Photographed on the floor... sorry! Might be really hard to give this one away!