Jan 14, 2016

coffee & quilts in Osaka

Yesterday, I had a super quick visit to the newly opened Moda Fabrics / Moda Coffee shop in Osaka. Such a cool concept. 

We all know brick and mortar quilt shops around the world struggle... so this fresh idea (which just opened this week!!) might be just the thing to spark more activity and sales at local shops.

I'm back in Japan researching my second book and I've learned so much my head is spinning. Spent several days in Tokyo, working in and around Osaka now... and I will eventually make my way back to Tokyo for the massive Tokyo Dome Show.

It was cool to see this new store... take a deep breath... and come in from the cold!

I really hope this store is successful... would love to see the idea spread to the West! Thanks Moda Japan for hosting me!

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