Jan 3, 2016

and now for something totally different: sewing a leather purse

Hello World. I made a leather purse! I believe I might just be a genius.
Yes, I made this! Here's how.

First I went to the purse graveyard.

Chose my TWO favorite purses...

Hmmm... which one do I want to make?

The red one. But not in red.

Wait... can my Bernina sew leather? Sort of... I think I asked it to do more than it is really built for. More on this later...

First, practice! Made this a couple weeks ago. Leather trim.

That was a bit tricky. Need more practice!

50% off all Craftsy classes. Perfect! Learned a few more things.

Now I'm ready. Made a pattern. Made a muslin mock up.

Made the lining. Added some awesome pockets. Attached proper hardware.

And you may not agree... but damn, I do feel like a genius.

One last thing. The final touch.

I'm planning to carry my new leather bag on my trip to Japan. Leaving soon. Packing the rest of my bags now. Can't wait!


  1. Wow. I'm so impressed. IF I'd tackled this at all, it would have been the yellow purse (no zipper.) Love the dangle you added. It will be the talk of Japan. Congratulations!

  2. Totally awesome….and with what bags cost these days…..financially brilliant as well!

  3. You are so talented! I never would ever, ever consider making a purse let alone a leather one!!

  4. Your purse is lovely- I'm still working up the energy to try sewing with leather! And so excited about your trip to Japan. I hope it's wonderful and inspiring!