Sep 12, 2018

the lanterns of Kanazawa: a photo essay

This is a travel post that may interest only me. But here it goes...

Japan 2018: In a country with a beautiful park on just about every corner, I visited one of the most serene and gorgeous parks I've ever seen. The Kenrokuen Garden, in Kanazawa, on the east coast. This two-legged stone lantern shown above, is a toro, (more specifically a Yukimi-doro) or snow lantern as they are also called, and this particular one is the symbol of Kanazawa. It drew me in and I fell in love with these lanterns, and this park. One can just picture the snow piled up on these umbrella shaped tops and a warm light burning underneath. Here's my photo essay of one day I wish I could relive.


This last image is inside the stunning tea house which has a priceless view of this beautiful garden.

Mon and son. Kanazawa, 2018.


  1. Beautiful garden, thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you Marsha. How nice of your to comment. It is truly a special place.