Oct 4, 2015

Texas Quilt Museum day... one big, unforgettable moment

To say that Oct. 3, 2015 was a big day for me is a bit of an understatement! It was colossal. Unforgettable.

I've been a museum junkie for most of my life. I've attended countless museum talks. Today, I was invited to GIVE one of those talks. How often does that happen? Honored... excited... unable to sleep... thankful... nervous... grateful... giddy... these are just some of the words that pop into my mind.

My talk was on the history of Japanese quilts and the event was to launch my new book: "Japanese Contemporary Quilts and Quilters: The Story of an American Import."

We had a very special guest! Consul General of Japan in Houston, Nozomu Takaoka and his wife Yumi attended. Consul General Takaoka offered some opening remarks on the power of the arts to forge ties between nations. I was so honored that he would make time to travel to La Grange on a Saturday for this event!

I was so fortunate to have so many family and friends in the audience. Rice University faculty Dr. Nancy Bailey, Dr. Bill Bailey and me. Nancy supervised my capstone (thesis) at Rice for my Master of Liberal Studies degree. 

Our cousins Debbie Seid, Jimmy and Barbara Moon and our daughter Elizabeth. Thanks especially to Barbara for single-handedly boosting my book rank on Amazon!

My mom, Mary Beth, and my sister, Pauline Word. Thanks for making the trek from Austin, Pauline.

Where would the quilt world be without these two women? Nancy O'Bryant Puentes (left), Karey Bresenhan, co founders of the Texas Quilt Museum, pictured with our daughter Elizabeth and me. 

NOT pictured is Julie Maffei - the woman who makes it all happen at the Texas Quilt Museum. I treasure Julie so much and appreciate everything she has done for me and for the Museum.

Why are there no pictures of my darling husband? Well, because he is the man behind the camera as usual!!!

I found one... a selfie with two of our old friends, Ted Maynard (left) and Lisa Brandt Primrose, and finally, Jimmy Wong (right).

Several other friends and colleagues took time to attend. Wish I had pictures. There were several members of SAQA there - thanks Kim, Suzan and Anne! Some of the La Grange quilt guild members came - so cool. So many wonderful people - I am very grateful to everyone.

Yep. One, big unforgettable moment for sure! Thank you world. 


  1. congratulations - looks like a wonderful event

  2. Congratulations-that is so cool! And Karey and Nancy there too. And your dress/jacket/boots combo is so dog gone cute!