Oct 2, 2015

when an artist gives you a handmade gift...

When an artist gives you a handmade gift, this is how amazing it will be.

And when that artist is an accomplished Japanese quilter, the handmade is all the more special.

This beautiful tote bag was made for me by Yasuko Saito. The outside fabric was originally created for a Japanese hand towel. The classic design, the rich color and the impeccable sewing is what makes the bag so perfect. Its also the perfect size to hold a couple books - just the thing for a new author. I am in love with this bag!


This lovely tulip bouquet was made by Yoshiko Katagiri. She is renowned for her use of needle-turn applique using antique silk kimono. Looks like some of her shibori kimono collection was used for these lovely, handmade tulips. She's arranged them on thin wire stems. This is something I'll treasure for years to come!

And this charming accessory bag was made by Miki Murakami. I love the bright fabric and all the little details - the zipper, the wool applique, the tabs - everything so beautifully handmade! Its so precious the hard part will be deciding exactly how to use it so I can show it off.

I feel so fortunate to be the recipient of these lovely gifts. Thank you to Yasuko Saito, Miki Murakami and Yoshiko Katagiri and to the other talented artists who were kind enough to give me all the sweets and little goodies!

Lucky me!

In a few days I will post more pictures from my travels in Japan and the artists I got to hang out with. Stay tuned!


  1. A great post! The artistry of Japanese quilters (I am not one, I should mention) is what moved me to buy your book--which I am enjoying immensely. Thanks for both the post and the book.

  2. Oh wow, what treasure-lucky you! Thank you for sharing the beauty of the bounty.