Oct 31, 2015

a few festival favorites

A few favorite moments from my time at the 2015 Houston International Quilt Festival (and Market too). The photo above is a stunning art quilt by Makiko Aoki and this quilt is featured in my new book.

New work by the talented and uber modern Chiaki Dosho, part of the Studio Art Quilt Associates exhibit. Chiaki Dosho is also featured in my new book.

Above, another new work by Noriko Endo. I'm proud to share that this vibrant art quilt is also featured in my book.

This art quilt is by Keiko Goke --- another talented Japanese quilter featured in my book.

And here are some other quilts that caught my eye!


I met some wonderful people... the talented Pepper Cory... who gave lectures on "the blues and indigo" and Sashiko at Market.

  And Sue Spargo - the queen of stunning and original hand embroidery and embellishment.

Love this unique bag - Echino fabric (on the right below)! The shape feels original and along the sides is this ever so tiny piping. And this seems a fitting spot to insert a pic of two of my favorite bags made by me! I made these a year ago (below left) for my friend and me. They are made from 150-year old European textiles and I used upcycled leather to make the straps. 


Had lunch at Irma's - on the ground floor of this building. The BEST lunch available in downtown for sure. And an interesting side note (mostly just for me), this building is quite old - and in Houston we don't keep old buildings around too long. I especially love that they have kept the original signage for Great Southwest, which was an insurance company at one time. My mother worked in this building in the mid-1950's!


  1. Lovely pictures!! Thank you, this was the next-best-thing to being there in person!!

  2. This was my second time attending an event at this place, and was my first business event here (the other event was a charity show). Everything at Chicago event space was perfect, the drinks and food was amazing. Even the coffee was wonderful.