Oct 13, 2015

a small sampler of 'Made in Japan' prints

Made in Japan 
All the prints in this simple little fabric sampler are made in Japan. I created this "quickie quilt" for a specific project... (more on that project to come). It reminds me a bit of a summer picnic blanket.... maybe its the bright yellow binding. 

Designer/Companies from the left: 
  • Ellen Baker, Kokka
  • Echino, Kokka
  • Keiko Goke, Yuwa
  • Yoko Saito, Lecien
  • Keiko Goke
  • Echino
  • Yoshiko Jinzenji, Yuwa
  • Keiko Goke
  • Cotton and Steel 
  • and Ellen Baker again.

1 comment:

  1. Isn't it funny, I thought the first photo was a pot holder!! But now I can see its a big beautiful quilt - and I adore the yellow binding, I'm putting that into my brain for my next quilt!!