Jul 3, 2015

zebra art quilt finished: "Tanzania Tango"

Black, white and fuchsia. Finished. Hanging on the wall. And titled: "Tanzania Tango."

Teresa Duryea Wong "Tanzania Tango" 2015. Original design. Cotton. Fused applique, machine quilted.
Yep, its finally all finished! The zebras are based on a photo I took in Tanzania a couple of years ago on a safari with my husband and a large group of our family. You can read my previous blog posts about my process (part two) here, and (part one) here.

And here's a pic of "Tanzania Tango" hanging in our family room next to "Holy Cow."

I love the two pieces hanging side by side! Makes me think of modifying that great movie line from "The Big Lebowski" ... "those zebras really tied the room together..."

This is my first attempt at a series, and will probably be my last (at least for a while). I think these two pieces work really well together, but I find working in a series like this to be a bit repetitive (that's such an obvious statement that its kinda funny). Time to move on to something new!

I'm a member of SAQA and I hear/read a lot about the benefits of working in a series and finding your "voice." I can see where there are benefits to working this way.... its just that I have many voices. And I see that as a positive.

What about you? Do you work in a series? Would love to hear your feedback.

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  1. It is fabulous! I love the fuchsia background and the touch of fuchsia around the eyes.

  2. Amazing!! I love your cow too! Congrats with your finish.

  3. Visiting from Crazy Mom Quilts. Great finishes. Sometimes I do a series, but mostly I just work on whatever strikes my fancy on a particular day.

  4. What a gorgeous quilt-so creative!

  5. You nailed it! It turned out amazing. They both look gorgeous hanging together. The different background colors...I'm crazy in awe!

    I have worked on a series before, and by the time I'm finished...I am DONE!

  6. This is a really strong piece-bold, whimsical, very well composed, keeps me looking for more details. Don't ya love it when you nail it?

    I don't really understand the whole series thing. I am currently in a series I guess. simply because there is more to be done with that particular vision (grasses in black and white). But many who work in series create repetitive images. If I'm still learning from my vision, I'll continue, but if it gets repetitive, I need to stop!

  7. Your composition skills with the zebras from texture, contrast, line to focal point are spot on. I rarely do two or more quilts in a series at a time. However, I do return to subjects and techniques when I have something new to try or say. The reason to work in series is to explore through tweaking this or that. Some people make giant tweaks while others are more subtle. I also believe there is a fine line between working in a series and being in a rut or not straying from your comfort zone.

  8. Teresa, these are wonderful! I love them hanging together.

  9. Let me join the chorus: a beautiful, strong finish. Congratulations.