Jul 26, 2015

slow stitching, hand embroidery

Did you know there was a movement called slow stitching? 

Apparently we love to label things and quiliting is no exception. Now we have traditional quilters, art quilters, modern quilters, fiber artists, even bad ass quilters. It did not occur to me that slow stiching needed to be called anything other than... well... quilting, but there you have it.

Anyway, I made this improvisational pieced quilt a while back using some of my favorite prints that I'd been collecting for awhile. I had a lot of fun making this off-kilter grid-like design and loved the stress free approach to just cutting and sewing. 

When I finished piecing it, I let it sit for a few weeks while I thought about what to do with it. Now, the decision has been made and I am "slow stitching" it. Or you might just call it embroidery. Later I might even hand quilt it. For the embroidery, I'm using the lovely pearl cotton threads, size 8. 

My plan is to just keep adding embroidery until I think I'm done. This is gonna' take a while! Guess that's why they call it slow stitching.


  1. I love what your doing on this quilt ! Great choice !

  2. Slow stitching I have never heard of before! I always thought it was hand quilting, which can be slow...I guess the end result is the same regardless of what you call it! This is going to me even better when you are finished. Can't wait to see your progress, ever so slowly however!

  3. I love the way this is looking, All the hand embroidery makes me want to see your quilts in person even more!