Jul 11, 2015

Sacred Threads exhibition opens today in Washington DC

Teresa Duryea Wong. Dawson Hill, 2015. Machine pieced, hand applique, machine quilted.
 Cotton, cotton and silk thread, glass beads, vintage handkerchief, lace.  39 x 49 inches.
The Sacred Threads exhibition opens today just outside our nation's capitol and I'm so thrilled to be a part of this show.

Sacred Threads is a juried exhibition featuring art quilts that exude joy, spirituality, peace, grief and healing.

What I love most about Sacred Threads is that it’s non-denominational. So we can celebrate all variations of faith… and you don’t find that combination too often.

My art quilt is Dawson Hill... and I was inspired to make this after I saw a large stone Celtic cross that seemed to be looking out over the cemetery where my dad is buried and it just struck me as this huge sentinel in a place that’s filled with so much meaning and history.

After you work on something like for months, it’s actually hard to part with it. But I felt that Sacred Threads is a wonderful venue to share my art with anyone who cares to see it.  

I won't be traveling to Washington to see it, unfortunately. But one of my SAQA friends is going and I am hoping she'll be able to take some pictures for me.  If you're in the area, please go see it!

Here's their website: http://www.sacredthreadsquilts.com/

If you'd like to read more about how I made this, here are my previous posts.


  1. It's a beautiful piece and I can see why you hated to part with it, but now it can be enjoyed by many.

  2. I'm also sorry not to be able to make the opening. If you get any pictures from the show I'd definitely be interested in a post from it!

  3. Sacred Threads would be a wonderful exhibition to view - your intricate Dawson Hill art quilt will be amongst good company.