Apr 2, 2014

one inch squares take a long time!

I forgot how long it takes to piece things. Especially an entire background of one inch squares! Some progress has been made... but its slow going. This is part two of my post on the white on white Celtic Cross. The cross quilt will be about four feet long or so.

You can see the thing is starting to take shape. I have cut the cross out of one piece of fabric. This shows the freezer pattern pattern still on the back of the fabric. Below... some squares done, many more to go.

I am going to hand appliqué several long, thin swirling strands on the front of cross to make the Celtic design. Then I'm going to make them trapunto by stuffing them with this soft, thick yarn I found at Walmart. I hope it works. I found some good tutorials online, but since I am doing hand appliqué, I really haven't found one exactly to help explain. I will just make it work.

I hope by this time next week I have finished the square background assembly. There are one inch squares everywhere in my sewing room... not to mention tons of little tiny white scraps everywhere.  I feel kinda stuck right now... ever feel that way? You just gotta finish this one part before you can move on mentally, and physically. Well, that's me right now. I feel the need to assemble the thing before I can even think about next step, or working on anything else.

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  1. One inch squares!? Whew! I thought the two inch ones were a lot of work! Cannot wait to see it when it is done! :-)

    1. Thanks for your comment Barbara. I can't wait to see it done either! Going for a mosaic look, we'll see if it works.

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    1. Sarah Elizabeth - thanks for your encouragement! And for hosting!