Apr 27, 2014

fiber art flower in progress

This post was originally published Friday, April 25, 2014.
Something strange happened and it disappeared. I have tried to recreate it. Apologies if you are seeing this twice - and now it looks different.

I was waiting for inspiration to strike - and it finally did. I started with this 'tried and true' Classic image on my cutting table.

But rather than make the sunflowers of Van Gogh, I wanted to create something original and modern. I dug out several purchases I made back in November from vendors at the Houston International Quilt Festival ... and now I'm finally making them into art.

The first flower is done. I sewed 6 layers of fabric together and then deconstructed the petals. Still planning to do a bit more her... really just getting started.

Mu studio is a mess. This is my best horizontal filing system at work!

Also, I was reminded of one of my favorite Andy Warhol quotes this morning.

Linking up (again...!) with Nina Marie's Off the Wall Fridays. Please check out all the great work there.


  1. horizontal filing system! Hilarious! I am going to look around while here, but want to say the wildness of your flowers is very Van Gogh. Good capture!
    LeeAnna Paylor

    1. LeeAnna: I really appreciate your comments about this flower. Yes, that filing system line is a classic!

  2. I'll have to use that horizontal filing system line myself - cool! So far your flowers are vibrant and interesting with all the texture of the six layers. And what about this big piece you have working on? Can you reveal?

    1. Where would we be if we couldn't file horizontally? Thanks for the kudos about the flowers... I am having fun with them. the other piece with the "crisis" is a modern Celtic Cross art piece. But Andy has inspired me to finish it. haha

  3. Love the quote, and your flowers are BEAUTIFUL! Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful quilted art!