Jul 23, 2015

book tour talk today - Victoria, Texas

I was the guest speaker today at the Quilt Guild of Greater Victoria. It was such an honor to be invited. Great group of quilters. 

Victoria is a 2 hour, 15 minute drive south of Houston. The husband is kind enough to drive me most places. He calls it 'drivin' miss daisy'! What a riot! Really its just an excuse to drive his fancy car. And let me tell you, it takes some organizational skills to pack 3 quilts, books, a projector... a bunch of other stuff and some very special black cowboy boots... all in this trunk. But everything fit! 

We took time to visit the 1892 courthouse - which has been beautifully restored.

I LOVED this courtroom! I can just picture Atticus Finch in there arguing his case... or the characters from "12 Angry Men." You don't see court rooms like this anymore in the big city, that's for sure.

After my talk about the history of Japanese quilting, the guild hosted a workshop for young people to learn to sew and quilt. So there were several young daughters and grand daughters in the audience too! Loved that!


  1. Love Victoria-DH has relatives there-very pretty town.

  2. Congratulations on your lecture. How delightful to have younger quilters, too.