May 29, 2015

zebra art quilt, part two

This zebra art quilt is still a work in progress!  I'm only halfway through the quilting process, but I think its interesting to show progress. For more info on how these are made, you can read part one in this series here.

There are dozens of variations of black fabric and an equal number of different white fabrics... and I created hundreds of applique shapes to create depth. As the bodies and faces are quilted, the black, gray, white and cream, even brown, thread will add even more dimension.

I especially love the way the zebras just pop off the fuchsia background.

Check back soon ... I will keep posting my progress. I'd love to hear your comments on this so far!

Wish my photos were better. Houston is having another stormy day today - so my lighting is not very good. In fact, we've hardly seen any sun this month... and this is after torrential and deadly thunderstorms on Monday night.  Happy to be safe and sound and to have a few minutes here and there for quilting!

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  1. The eyes look so real, at first I thought you might have used a photo, wonderful quilting detail, can't wait to see it finished. The fuchsia is stunning!

  2. Excellent work! Thank you showing the process, I love seeing things as they progress.

  3. The background colour is stunning and perfect to frame the zebras. I love the way you use an echo of the colour in the eye. I remember you did that in your dog quilt and it is so effective. I wish you could see the variation in white in the photo. The different black fabrics are obvious in the photo but not the white. Do you use all cotton or mix other fibers in there as well?

  4. Ah-maz-ing. Love the in-progress shots. Just wish my 4 year old hadn't been sitting on my lap while I was reading. . .now she wants to know if I can make her a zebra quilt like yours!

  5. The sparkle in the zebra eye is amazing! I love the magenta background too. Its a gorgeous contrast. I don't know how you do it, but the quilting is off the charts. Thank you for sharing your progress on this ~ I'm so excited to see more! I hope you don't float away with all the rain your having and stay safe!

  6. Wow! This is fabulous! I love the way it pops against the magenta background.

  7. Hello Teresa,

    This is an amazing design. The way the zebras are looking out from all the juxtaposed stripes, camouflaged yet three dimensional at the same time. I am really looking forward to seeing how it progresses.

    Thank you for linking up with Free Motion Mavericks.

    Love, Muv