May 31, 2015

lovely blog award

The lovely Jayne at Twiggy & Opal has nominated me for One Lovely Blog Award.

What a cool surprise. Blogging is a great outlet for me and I like the process of photographing quilts and writing about them. 

But the best part? My blogger pen pals. They're my "Amen Sisters!" (credit to Maria Shell for that great line).

So when you get nominated for this award, here's the rules.
One: Acknowledge the sweet person who nominated you. Thank you Jayne!
Two: Share 7 things about yourself (deep dark secrets? or maybe a few things no one knows).
Three: Nominate 10 other blogs/bloggers for the award.

7 things about me nobody knows
1. Sometimes I 'tear up' at TV commercials.
2. I'm a classical music nerd. Huge fan of Gustav Mahler!
3. Love, love, love movies! Here's a few faves: Moonstruck. Moscow on the Hudson. American Beauty. Inglorious Basterds.
4. I believe Quentin Tarantino might be the biggest genius to ever hit Hollywood.
5. Of course I love football too. Fave NLF teams: Houston Texans, Greenbay Packers, New England Patriots (in that order).
6. I can speak a half dozen phrases in Cantonese.
7. The quilt we sleep under every night came from Pottery Barn! (Kinda sad, but funny too. Maybe I should remedy that. One day!)

Here are 10 blogs I nominate for the Lovely Blog Award (in random order). There are so many others I love and follow... too many to list!

I would of course add Twiggy & Opal to this list, but I think the idea is to pay it forward!


  1. Thank you Teresa for paying it forward! You are hilarious!! Who would have thought you loved the Texans...where do you live?! I think we have a rivalry...Tennessee Titans for me (you know AKA Oilers!!)
    I have enjoyed learning a little bit more about you today. Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Though I'm typically a baroque person, Mahler's 8th Symphony is the single piece of music I can listen to over and over without tiring of it. It would be my pick for a desert island if necessary....

  3. I have been out of town...really ! I just saw this and I'm delighted to have been nominated by you ! Thank you Teresa, I'll pay this forward.