May 4, 2014

pizza box - good, fast and cheap storage for quilt blocks

Who says you can't have good, fast and cheap all in one?

Like most people, I multi-task when I make quilts. So when I move (uh, jump...) from one project to another, I like to keep all the blocks or pieces of my projects together in one safe place.

Pizza boxes, it turns out, are the perfect storage solution for quilters!

Yep, these little jewels are cheap - free even, if you ask nicely! But of course, ask for an unused one... need I point that out? They're fast, no installation required. And they're good - perfect in fact. A large square pizza box can hold 15 inch blocks, plus lots of other stuff.

Just for fun, I recovered mine today.

Inside are the beginnings of a big, kinda weird, art quilt project. I'm transferring magazine images onto 5 inch blocks of white fabric using gel medium. I plan to make ~80 some blocks. And I've mapped out the color scheme for the finished piece. Its all in my head, just waiting for the time to do it... and some more magazines.

But thanks to my handy pizza box, I now have all the pieces safely tucked away in one place. So, no worries. And with the Kaffe Fassett 'updo', now it even looks awesome on the shelf!

What are your best storage solutions? I'd love to hear your ideas! Leave me a comment - or send email to   teresa at third floor quilts dot com


  1. Brilliant! What a great idea! I love how pretty you've made the boxes.

    1. No home should be without decorated pizza boxes...:) Thanks for stopping by Lisa!

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