Jan 4, 2018

the search for Earl Campbell (quilt)

The year was 1980. Bum Phillips was the coach for Houston's beloved Houston Oilers football team. And that same year, one devoted and enterprising quilter made a quilt with a life-size image of the Oiler's star running back: Earl Campbell.

This quilt was chosen for the exhibition titled: Quilts All American Beauty. And it was on display at Quilt Festival '80, which was held at the lovely Shamrock Hilton Hotel.

Were you there? Do you remember this quilt? Do you know who made it?
Earl was a fierce competitor and he is still revered today as one of the great all time players in the NFL. During his heyday with the Houston Oilers, he was enough of a star for at least one quilter to take the time to immortalize him in a quilt.

Somebody out there knows who that quilter was. I would love to hear from you!

Why am I searching for this quilt?

As I stated in my blog post yesterday, I am currently researching and writing a book on the 45 year history of the International Quilt Festival, and the two women who created Festival, Karey Bresenhan and Nancy O'Bryant Puentes.

I think a quilt this quirky from 1980 certainly deserves a mention. Maybe you know another quilt story related to Festival that's equally quirky or infamous. If so, please share.

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  1. I'm asking a friend of mine to see if she might know or is able to find out. That was before I got into the quilting scene. I never knew such a quilt existed. I'll let you know if I find anything out. Good luck

  2. Wow! I hope you find something out about it. I worked in Houston (Klein actually) from 1994 to 2006, but discovered the IQ Festival in the mid '90's...so happy to hear of you work. We emptied the nest and moved back to Austin (an earlier stopping point on my career path), and I'm looking forward to your appearance here in March at AAQG, my "forever" quilt home...See you soon! - Karen Alexander

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