Jan 3, 2018

share your International Quilt Festival memories with me!

I'm working on an amazing new book: a history of the International Quilt Festival and the biography of the two women who helped build this industry and who've run Festival for the past 40+ years.

Would you like to help?

Do you have any really great stories about attending Festival? Epic tales? Unforgettable moments? If so, please share them with me.

Do you have old photos from early Festival events? If you have photos that are more than 20 years old, I would love to see them! Maybe I can publish them in the book and give credit to you.

More specifically, did you attend the Festival event at the Shamrock Hilton when a giant quilt featuring the football star Earl Campbell was displayed? I'd give my right arm (not really) for a photo of that quilt! Or do you know who made the quilt? Or where it is today?

How about 1990 when a 40-foot quilt made by Japanese quilters hung from the ceiling of George R. Brown? Were you there? Have a photo?

How about photos of the bi-centennial quilt exhibition in 1980? Or the 9/11 exhibit? Other monumental exhibits....

Writing a history like this is a huge undertaking. Fortunately, I have attended the past 20 years of Festival and I believe in the power of this event to change lives. If you do too, I'd love to hear your story.

Below is a photo that depicts the life of a researcher. I've been digging through a lot of these boxes recently.... and there are plenty more still waiting. But some stories won't come from boxes. They will come from real people like you.

This new book will be published in 2019, in time for the 45th Anniversary of International Quilt Festival.

You can reach me through comments here, or email me at   teresa at third floor quilts dot com

Thanks friends!


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