Jan 29, 2018

new quilt finished & hung on the wall: "Moons Over Japan"

 I finally got around to hanging a quilt on the wall over our bed. Its been on my to do list for so long... this one seemed like a perfect choice. I finished this quilt in 2017 and titled it "Moons Over Japan." This may not may be the first thing you think of when you hear the words Japanese fabric, but all of the fabric in this quilt came from Japan and all of it was designed by Keiko Goke. I love the contemporary vibe and the simultaneously bright and muted colors of these fabrics.

Me with Keiko Goke in Sept 2017.
I first met Keiko Goke in 2014 and we've visited on several of my trips to Japan. She's been quilting since the early 1970s and her quilts are infused with color and whimsy. Each one is beautifully made. She also began designing commercial quilting cotton a while back and her fabrics are lovely.

Her primary fabric manufacturer is Yuwa, and some of her fabrics can be hard to find in the U.S.

This summer, Keiko Goke will have a new line of fabrics available with Free Spirit.

So this blog post is about my own personal journey with quilts I have made with her fabrics. 

For a more professional story.... you can read more about her and her quilts in my book "Japanese Contemporary Quilts & Quilters" and learn more about her fabrics in my 2nd book "Cotton & Indigo from Japan."

Collection of commercial quilting cotton designed by Keiko Goke. Printed in Japan by Yuwa.
Photo published in "Cotton & Indigo from Japan" by Teresa Duryea Wong
'Behind the scenes' at work prepping the fabric photo shoot --- at a friend's ranch in Columbus, Texas.

I made this quilt several years ago. It was actually inspired by one of her quilts... its an improv take on a double wedding ring. My husband and I went out to Round Top, Texas to photograph this quilt in front of a small wedding chapel. I've shared it on this blog before, but I decided to share it here again ... so I can show my collection of 3 quilts I've made with these fabrics.

The double wedding ring quilt top is embellished with lots of hand embroidery.

And last.... this little quilt below is one I made about 12 years ago!!! It was one of my first attempts at 'art quilting.' It is all hand applique and hand quilted!

And just for fun... here's two more photos. I took these photos of her booth at the Tokyo International Great Quilt Festival in 2014. Seems so long ago. The Tokyo Dome show 2018 is going on now. Wish I was there!

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  1. Three beautiful examples of quilts using Keiko's textiles. I notice your curve at the top of your first quilt matches the arch above your bed. Good job.