Dec 23, 2017

studio redo, a new Bernina serger, & new DIY large cone thread rack

Sometimes I spend as much time organizing my studio space as I do sewing in it. 

My husband --- the hardest working man in my studio --- moves so fast he shows up twice! 

My studio is large and I am very fortunate to have such a big space. Its home to my computer and author research station, plus my quilting Bernina 820, a heavy duty leather sewing machine, way too much fabric, and all the other stuff.

Then I bought a new Bernina 450 serger and it just arrived a week ago.To give it a proper space, I had to make room for it in my studio. So... we moved everything around.
I found this great sewing table for it. Only $87 on Amazon. Small, has wheels, side storage and the end folds down. Good product for a great price.

You do have to put the table together yourself... or if you're lucky like me, your husband does it. The dog is only mildly interested in the whole process.....

Besides the serger, over the past year, I've acquired a bunch of big, beautiful cones of Superior Thread. These are bonded nylon that I use for sewing leather. I needed a way to store these and kept struggling with what to do....

I used these metal gym locker baskets for a while. But they are heavy and unwieldy. 

I purchased a rack online that was supposed to be designed for large cones, but it was a piece of junk and I sent it back. Then I was flipping around the web and saw cones on a peg board.... duh! I LOVE pegboards. And I had an extra one sitting in my studio closet.  Thanks to my nice husband, problem solved! I purchased 6 inch metal peg board hooks and they work perfectly. Plus I love the way it looks.

I'm a big fan of peg boards. I have another one I use constantly, so I took advantage of the studio redo to organize it better. Here's before and after....

Looking at the photos, I'm not sure if the peg boards looks better before or after....? But anyways, it is better organized.

Here's the finished studio.

All ready for the New Year! Thank you to all of you who occasionally read my blog. I am so grateful to have this place to share my love of sewing and quilting.


  1. Great photos. Happy Holidays! May the best come your way in 2018! Your friend Maria

  2. Love your studio! I have a question about your cutting mat. Can you tell me the size and brand? I'm in the market for a new one!


    1. Hi Amy. I hope you get this reply (your comment is a no-reply message). Thanks for loving my studio. The mat is Alvin 40 x 60 inch self healing. I love it. Worth every penny. I got it here:

  3. Great job on the redo!! I love you have a space for your fur baby too! Mine always want to be under my feet whether sewing or quilting!!

    1. Hi Brenda. Thanks so much for your nice comments. I am loving the new (and clean) studio. And yes, we must have our dogs by us when quilting! Thanks for taking time to leave me a comment. Teresa

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