Dec 28, 2017

new 2018 art quilt idea

I made this zebra art quilt about two years ago and I love it.

This quilt is based on a photo I took when my husband and I made a photo safari trip to Tanzania a while bag. The quilt hangs in our home next to a black and white cow quilt I also made. Clearly, I am attracted to black and white. 

Today, I saw this photo below from the extremely talented photographer Joel Sartore. I love the unconventional pose, the lighting, the limited color pallette, everything about it!

I sought and have been granted permission to base a new art quilt on this image. I think I have just figured out what I will be working on in 2018! Funny, my plate is completely full next year. I have several big projects and commitments already. But sometimes, when the creative spirit moves us... there is no other choice but to comply! Just do it.... I can't wait to get started.

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