Dec 11, 2017

check out my interview with Ricky Tims on The Quilt Show

It was such a thrill to be asked to be interviewed for The Quilt Show.

This "mini" interview was conducted at International Quilt Festival and when I did the interview, I was so excited that I forgot to even take a photo. So here's a screen shot from the post on The Quilt Show blog / newsletter.

See the interview here:  The Quilt Show

So cool that we have quilt media that takes in interest in such a wide variety of quilt things.

Thanks to Ricky Tims, Lilo Bowman and everyone else who took interest in my books and made this interview happen.


  1. Wow. You are the second quilter I know who’s been on TQS this month. Congratulations.

    1. Hi Ann. Yeah... TQS pretty much lines up interviews back to back during Festival, so they cover a lot of territory. Still, I am so honored! And over 1,000 people have viewed it. Staggering.... so happy to be included. Thanks for noticing!