Sep 6, 2017

Japan travel diary: Tokyo quilt exbhibition and denim made in Japan

Visited a small quilt exhibition and market in Ikebukuro, Tokyo. It was held in a large department store. We arrived a few minutes before 10 am and there were quite a few quilters waiting in line to get in. Quilters can always spot other quilters!

Here are two highlights.

The taupe quilt is called "Victoria and Albert" and was made by Yoko Saito. This quilt is featured in my new book and if you read it, you'll learn about Kameda Jima, a very special woven fabric used in this quilt and how its still being made today by a handful of waevers in the Niigata region of Northern Japan.

The other highlight for me was this stunning swirl of small circles made by Yoshiko Katagiri. The hundreds of small circles are all made from antique silk kimono, and hand appliqued. The quilt is also hand quilted. Antique silk kimono, paired with this chalky black cotton background, is her signature style.  If you want to read more about her story, she is featured in my first book "Japanese Contemporary Quilts and Quilters."

This lovely lady had an exquisite booth of handmade sashiko clothing! She makes everything herself using antique textiles and sashiko stitching.

My friend Noriko Endo and I walked through all the vendor booths... fabric, purses, patterns, and notions. Just two aisles of booths - mostly commercial cotton. Not too much antique or specialty fabrics.

After a morning of quilts, I headed off to a store that sells denim made in Japan. 'Evisu the Tokyo' is the name of the store, and its near the Ebisu metro stop.

Japanese denim, or Japan Blue as its sometimes called, is coveted by denim afficiandos! The denim is made at very small boutique mills and designed and constructed domestically.  Evisu is kind of famous for their seagull logo. I had way too much fun in here!

Good night Tokyo. See you next time. I'm off to Osaka and Kyoto.

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  1. Good Night Teresa!! And after traveling thousands of miles it is a great time to have shopping fun.