Sep 2, 2017

Japan book launch: happy times

Anytime a group of artists gather, there is sure to be lots of energy and enthusiasm.
Precious! Yasuko Saito, Akiko Iki, Akemi Narita and Akiko's lovely daughter!

Yasuko Saito and me, in front of her quilt "Movement" (featured in my book).

Keiko Goke and me.
Group photo.

And the artists who came from all over Japan to help celebrate the launch of my new book certainly brought lots of both!
It was quite fun to watch as each person picked up their copy of "Cotton & Indigo from Japan" and saw their story for the first time.

The reception was held on Saturday afternoon (Sept 2) at the Amuse Museum in Asakusa, Japan (outskirts of Tokyo). This quirky, contemporary museum has a permemant collection of boro (which means antique textiles that are old, patched, rags).

Guests came from Osaka, Niigata, Kyoto, Sendai, Ohara, and all over the wide swath of Tokyo. It was such an honor that they would travel so far to be a part of this event.
Akemi Narita.

The fashionable Akiko Iki!

Quilter Yaskuo Saito and Indigo dyer Toru Shimomura.
Telling this story was really important to me. I believe that I have helped preserve an important part of Japan's textile history. And all the artists who are featured in this book are also doing such incredible work to preserve these traditions, and also push new ideas forward into the future. They are heros who have chosen the path of art. And their aesthtic is alluring.
Asakusa - the golden hour of light!
From left, Akemi Narita, Keiko Goke, Masahiko Sotowa - President of Yuwa, Yoko Ueda, Etsuko Misaks, Hisako Fukui - Yuwa Executive, Shizuko Kuroha, and me.

I hope others enjoy reading their stories and learning about Japan's history with cotton and indigo. Its certainly captured my attention! And after years of work and research, the book is ready to make its way out into the world! Launch complete

Indigo dyer Ken-ichi Utsuki.

A lovely bouquet sent for the event.

From left, Jackie Sakuraoka, Yasuko Saito, me, Shizuko Kuroha.


  1. Such an honor to to see this "launch".... not sure how you have managed the travel lag in such a short time but these photos are great and I am so happy you could be there as saw the book for the first time.

    1. Hi Susie. The days went by fast for sure... from flooded Houston to a beautiful day in Tokyo. I am very blessed. Thanks for your nice comments too! I really appreciate it.

  2. Congratulations Teresa! So much time and energy invested in a book - it must be wonderful that this first part is done (although I know that there is much left to do). Have an amazing trip!

    1. Thank you so much for your nice note. It is overwhelming to finally see the book come alive and all the reactions. I am so lucky!!! I really appreciate your note too. I still have a week in Japan - planning to be a tourist now! Take care.