Sep 8, 2017

Coming Soon: Beloved Kyoto book store to carry "Cotton & Indigo from Japan"

Maurzen Books, Kyoto's beloved book store, will soon start selling "Cotton & Indigo from Japan." Maurzen is known for its huge section of books in English and I'm thrilled my new book will soon be among them.

Maurzen has a long history in Kyoto. It first opened its doors in 1872! The store closed in 2005 for 10 years, and finally repoened in 2015 - on two floors of the basement of BAL department store (downtown Kyoto).

Its everything a book store should be --- large selection, helpful staff, coffee shop and cafe. And lemons! Wait... lemons???

There is a popular Japanese short story titled "Lemon." Its very poetic and children read it in school. The main character ends of creating a sculpture out of books in the old Maurzen book store, and he places a perfectly shaped lemon on it. So people used to bring lemons and leave them on the shelves of the old store. Now, you can find the lemon table in the new store, along with copies of the story (Japanese only). Or you can go the more commercial route, and buy a lemon shaped cake in the cafe!

So, if you go to Kyoto, or live there or nearby, be sure to visit. Check out the quirky lemon story. And ask for my book!

I'm so happy to be a part of this beloved book store.

Maurzen Books / BAL department store
251 Yamazaki-cho
Kawaramachi-sanjo Sagaru

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