Aug 26, 2017

packing for Japan, anxiety over Harvey

For months, I've been planning to leave August 29th for Japan.

My bags are almost packed. My itinerary is completely packed.... and now Hurricane Harvey.

I'm wracked with anxiety.... not only for my flight, but for everyone caught up in this horrible storm. People have lost homes in the hardest hit area near Victoria... and the second floor of a home in a Houston suburb was ripped off this morning. And my husband is right in the middle of all ot it! He works as a television news crew for the national networks. Right now he is in a hotel with no staff and no electricity... and surrounded by water in every direction.
So my flight is a minor thing at this point.
But on September 2, I have planned a fantastic event at the Amuse Museum in Asakusa!!! Lots of people are coming to celebrate the book launch. And I absolutely want to get on that plane!!!!

If the weather models are correct, Houston might be a giant lake in another day or so.

All I can do is wait.... and pray for everyone in the path of this hell of a storm.

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  1. I hope your husband and you both stay safe. I've been checking in with family and friends daily. So far everyone is ok.
    Best wishes for your on-time flight to Japan. Would it be possible to take the first leg now and stay at a hotel? Assuming it was going to land in CA or HI.