Aug 11, 2017

fabric for you, from Japan with love

This might be one of my favorite photos ever!

Six BOLTS! of fabric designed by Yoshiko Jinzenji - right here in my studio. These are her brand new designs. They're printed by Yuwa in Japan and imported by me. So I guess that makes me an official importer. Doing my bit to balance our international trade. :)

I'm bringing this fabric to you! I'll have a nice selection of Japanese quilting cottons for sale at my quilt guild lectures over the next 12 months!

Yoshiko Jinzenji is one of Japan's most innovative quilt artists. She is featured in my new book and I can't wait for you to read her story. She is one of the quilt world's true geniuses.

I've been fortunate to have the chance to visit with her in her Kyoto home and studio.

Teresa Duryea Wong with Yoshiko Jinzenji, in Kyoto.

Her quilts are abstract and richly textured whole cloth creations. On many occasions, she has spun and dyed her own cloth. Everything is quilted on the machine and her quilted lines are simply stunning. Museums all over the world have collected her work.

These days, she has mostly retired from quilt making and focuses her boundless energy on cooking! She still mentors a small group of extremely talented quilters. Akiko Shibusawa is one of those artists. And her work is also featured in my new book!

Meanwhile, Yoshiko continues to design fabric and her latest creations are just lovely. These might be my favorite actually. I'll let you in on a little secret (and I don't mind saying this here because my husband never reads my blog, haha!) I hope you do not buy this fabric at one of my lectures, because if you don't, I can keep it all for myself! Isn't that sweet of me? 


And I have more fabric for you too!

Spread all over the floor here are packets of new designs by Yoko Saito. Beautiful cotton hand and lovely colors! I also have lots of cotton prints and woven cottons by Yoko Saito in the taupe palette. These are beautiful too!

See you soon!

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