Aug 20, 2015

extraordinary embroidery

This original art quilt was made and designed by my friend Amy G. 

Amy's original design was inspired by 'Fraktur' - which is a type of elaborate folk art. And I think she has certainly captured this unusual genre.

The work is created all by HAND! Hand applique and hand embroidery! And its embellished with trim, buttons and beads. She's used some beautiful prints, but she also used a lot of wool and some lovely velvets, which add to the texture. Amy's embroidery thread of choice is pearl cotton (size 8), mostly Valdani.

My part was merely the machine quilting - which I tried to keep in the background as much as possible so as not to detract from this incredible art.

The foundation is an antique feed sack textile. The feed sack is loosely woven (so a bit tricky to quilt) and it has a few spots of wear and stains from its many years of use, which make it all the more special. Those original red lines running down the textile make a perfect frame. 

Amy is an incredibly talented, extraordinary needle artist. Truly. No more words needed... the pictures say it all.

Thanks Amy G. for letting me be a part of your art journey!

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  1. Teresa- That is fabulous! Thank you for sharing. Wow.

  2. Extraordinary indeed-this piece is fabulous! And you did not overshadow her work with your own-it enhances the design of the quilt.

  3. This embroidery is just glorious! Was it hard for you to quilt around all the nicks and crannies without getting the foot caught on the embroidery? What a fun piece!

  4. The real deal—true folk art! This pieces charms non-stop with all its details.

  5. Wow! I am impressed on how you managed such a delightful collobaration.

  6. It's a beauty! The hand work is amazing and your quilting was the perfect finishing touch.

  7. Such beautiful work! I love the use of the fed sack and I'll bet it was like butter to embroider thru . I can see your quilting on the photo towards the bottom and it looks great. Did it sink into the feed sack fabric? Although as you say, the quilting is not the star here :-)

  8. The embroidery is beautiful and your quilting sets it off perfectly!