Aug 30, 2015

DIY blue jean skirts

Spoiler alert. This post is not about quilting. It is about a quick and easy sewing project.

My quilt buddy Amy G. asked me to help her make a blue jean skirt. After skimming a couple online tutorials... I figured out its pretty easy to DIY. Just take a seam ripper and remove the stitches at the crotch of the jeans and all the way down the inside leg seam. Then cut your skirt to the desired length and use a piece of the leg denim to fill in the V of the skirt (front and back). Sew the leg flap down, then hem it. 

Its was so easy... I decided to make one for myself too.I found a pair of white jeans (that I never wear!)... made the skirt, then added some bling!

In case you need some translation - this is the Houston Texans logo. My uniform? Red cowboy boots, a jersey and a Texans skirt... ready to go!

I gotta thank my quilt buddy for the help with the wool Texans applique AND the sequin loan. My first attempt at bling! I think it works. 

We'll be at NRG Stadium for Texans season opener in about 2 weeks! However, we'll be watching Game 2 & 3 from Japan. That should be interesting...

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