Sep 4, 2014

more gravestone rubbings

Today was overcast and super hot in Houston. Perfect day to explore one of the city's oldest cemeteries for another round of grave rubbings. There was no one there except for me and the landscaping crew.  Here's what I came up with.

This lone bird was part of a trilogy of birds on one stone. So beautiful. I can imagine them lifting up one's spirit and setting it free... happy thoughts rather than the sadness that can be associated with cemeteries.

And here's a few photos from around the cemetery. Such a peaceful place... right in the middle of an urban setting.

I have been a bit of a slacker on the blogger front... but I am hoping the start of September will get me back into the habit. I've been totally distracted working on multiple projects that I haven't had time to sit at the computer.

I am determined to finish my work in progress Celtic Cross next... and I am hoping one of these grave rubbings will work well in the center of the cross. Stay tuned.

As I said in the last post about these rubbings.... I owe a huge debt to Susan Lenz for sharing her technique with me.

On Friday, I'm linking up with Nina Marie's Off the Wall Fridays.


  1. Love the grave rubbings and I'd love to visit your cemetery too! It looks beautiful, peaceful, and very inspirational. The Celtic cross is an absolutely a PERFECT example of St. Martin's cross. I've used this design for a couple of my "Stained Glass" pieces after a suggestion by my Canadian cyber friend Margaret Blank. Thanks so much for the shout out too! I know I owe you an email. I've been swamped but keeping balance in so much as my studio time remains sacred. Everything else, however, is in a state of madness! LOL!

    1. Hey Susan. Thanks for stopping by. I have loved exploring these cemeteries and plan to visit more. I am inspired by your great work when I attempt projects like this.... It's been fun and rewarding so far. Easy to capture the image,but not so easy to find just the right one. That Celtic cross I photographed is amazing. I bet it is a great model for you!

  2. Beautiful images and thoughts. Thank you for sharing this. In fact, inspiration is everywhere! I need to stop by my local cemetery.

    1. Hi there. Thanks so much for your kind words. I appreciate you stopping by and leaving a comment. I have always loved cemeteries and visit one every now and then.... We forget how peaceful they can be. Take care.

  3. It is not just you that has been slacking on the blogging front. Not only have I not posted much, but I've got behind looking at blogs as well and somehow missed this. Lovely rubbings, particularly of the birds. The celtic cross is gorgeous too. I was a bit surprised to see it in the States, but when I think about it so many celtic people fled over there (usually from famine or oppressive British rule) i shouldn't be surprised. Look forward to seeing the results on your cross