Sep 12, 2014

instead of making art today... a roadtrip to La Grange

So, instead of making art today, my quilt buddy Amy G. and I took a road trip to La Grange, Texas (halfway between Austin and Houston). First stop, of course, the Quilted Skein for some awesome new fabrics.

Amy G. scored a whole collection of these fabulous Marcia Derse fabrics! What's better than that?

Like most small American towns, the county courthouse sits in the middle of the town square. The one in La Grange has been restored beautifully.  La Grange is of course home to the Texas Quilt Museum as well, and they bring a lot of tourists to the area! 

We often say Texas is "like a whole other country." And we have our own language to prove it. Some popular sayings... and ones you'll hear me utter from time to time: "I - magine" (you know, it means "yes, I imagine we could do that"); "tumped over" is a huge favorite of mine, (need I explain, it means something has fallen over, duh!), and another one is "fixin' to" (this means "we are about to do whatever you just asked about.")

Today, in La Grange, we were hit full force with the "fixin' to" favorite. First on this coffee cup: FIXIN .... wait for it... TO

Then this license plate was on the car right near our parking spot. Too good to miss. Had to capture and share. Do you get it - "IFIXII = I fixin' to"  Love it!!!

 Heading back to Houston, we drove right through one of our famous thunderstorms.

All in all, a pretty fantastic day. Shopping for fabric. Great truck-stop hamburger joint. Some sweet entertainment via coffee cups and license plates, and did I mention fabric? The simple things in life! And lots of inspiration for more quilting!


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    1. Thanks Susan! So sweet of you to stop over and read this crazy journey. Hope all is well.