Jun 7, 2014

book review - Leah Day's sprial bound 365 FMQ Designs

Leah Day has just released a spiral-bound version of her 365 FMQ designs.

These patterns are meant to encourage free motion quilting without marking the fabric.

Leah has an interesting business model. Everything in this book is available on her website for free, plus she has videos online showing how she stitches these patterns. I've spent a lot of time on her website and I find it incredibly useful.

The book is for people like me who want to hold a book in their hands and be able to flip through a hard copy... rather than click around on a website and look at a computer screen. And if that appeals to you, this is well worth the ~$35 investment. Plus with the spiral, you can lay the book flat next to your machine and refer to it as you stitch.

There is one hitch though - I had a tough time finding this book. Leah is only selling it through quilt stores and my local shop was not able to source it through their usual distributors. I did email Lead Day through her site and she referred me to this great store and they shipped me one right away:



  1. Thank you for this nice review of my book! Yes, we're always seeking interesting ways to market our books and DVDs and to connect and support quilt shops as well. Enjoy!

    1. Leah: I am honored that you stopped by to leave a comment! Thanks so much. This is a great book and has given me so much inspiration. I appreciate all your content.