Jun 15, 2014

a bird and a song - small art quilt finished

Finished a small art quilt. I'm calling this one "A Bird and a Song."
"A Bird and a Song" Teresa Duryea Wong. 2014.

The bird is mix of fabric, water color, tulle and thread painting. Then I put him on batting and quilted him... cut him out and added him to this inset. The feet are hand embroidery. The music is vintage paper (applied to water color paper and sewn in).

"A Bird and a Song" Teresa Duryea Wong. 2014.
 I meant to post this Friday so I could link up with Nina Marie's Off the Wall Friday.... running a bit behind schedule. Fortunately, her link up is still open.

FYI: this quilt is fairly small... about 24 inches.


  1. Very nice, the colors are subtle, great job on the thread painting bird

    1. Thanks Amy. This was fun to create - especially since it was so small. I appreciate your comments!