Jun 27, 2014

black and white cow, part 2

Here's part two of my black and white cow applique art quilt - that's quite a mouthful, actually. Previous post of part one is here.

Cow applique art quilt work in progress. Teresa Duryea Wong.
She looks a lot better on the turquoise background, don't you think? I'm just testing it out at this point. The entire cow is appliqued using Misty Fuse onto white muslin. Then I cut it out... and I've just pinned it on this background to test it out.

This cow is hard to photograph... the definition of the whites is kind of lost. But I think you get the idea. There are a couple hundred pieces of applique here!

The eye is the last hold out. Waiting to finish that a bit later... to be honest, I am searching for the exact fabric I need for the eye ball.  I took a class last year at Art Quilt Tahoe with David Taylor - very funny guy. He had this great deep blue/purple fabric with these tiny star bursts on it that were perfect for tiny eyeballs. The funny story he told is... he searched and searched for this fabric, and when he found it, he thought: "Now this is the perfect eyeball fabric. I take 6 yards!" I thought that was quite funny.  I just learned from checking his website that David is currently recovering from heart surgery! I hope his sense of humor will help him recover. We're thinking of you David!

I need a clever title for this cow... any ideas???

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  1. She looks fantastic on the turquoise background, really striking. Have you considered using machine embroidery to add the detail to the eye? I always struggle with naming pieces and the only cow I can think of is "Ermintrude" from the Magic Roundabout... sorry not very helpful I know :o/

    1. Hey Teri thanks for the suggestion. I will think about that one. As for the eye, I had not considered embroidery, but that might work. I might also just apply a tiny bit of paint to get the white glow in the eyeball. Love your comments and appreciate you stopping by!

  2. I love this! Being from Vermont I have thought of doing a cow quilt too but never got to it. I can definately see David's influence . The shading is really good. I took a class from him a couple years ago and he used that same eyeball fabric joke then too - lol! Guess he still has some of that 6 yards left:-) I learned so much from him and obviously so did you. He would be proud of ..... Well I'm calling her Mabel for now until you name her. She is really going to come to life when she gets her eyeball installed. Can't wait to see :-)

    1. Thanks for your nice comments! Yes, he is probably using the same 6 yards... And I am sure many of the jokes and stories are often repeated. He is pretty funny. This is my second quilt in this style. The first one I did using freezer paper and edge turned it and hand appliqué. This one I are edge fused. I am interested to see what it looms like when quilted. Also thanks for the name suggestion! I can only think of the obvious beef, it's what's for dinner.