Jan 19, 2014

Tokyo textile town... not the best day to visit

Arrived in Japan a few days ago and all is well so far. My plan for the day was to stroll through the famous Nippori Textile Town. Why? To buy fabric of course.

But it's Sunday and the shops were closed... not to mention it is cold, cold cold and windy today. So not the fun filled fabric shopping trip I was hoping for. But the good news is... now I know how to get there, and I have time to go back.

Here' Five Tokyo Travel Stories that may interest only me.
1. The Japanese actually form nice, well organized lines to get on the subway or trains! So polite. Can you imagine telling a bunch of New Yorkers to stand in a neatly formed line to enter the subway.
2. Note to self: there are no paper towels or hand dryers is the women's restrooms. Women here carry their own little towels around in their purse. Kinda odd. Need to get one of those!
3. The Otemachi stop on the Tozai subway line is essentially the same stop as the Tokyo station... so the 90 minutes I spent yesterday morning connecting through 3 subways stations and one train platform was pretty ridiculous when all I had to do was go 2 more stops and walk 5 minutes. Hmmm....
4. The taxi doors open and close by themselves. So cool. Pretty much the same for most doors here.
5. I was given a very special fortune yesterday (in English!).
It says: LAWSUITS: you will win. (do they know about us Americans?)
THE PERSON YOU AWAIT: He will come. (Not sure if this means the person I aspire to be, or if I'm waiting on someone!)
TRAVEL:  Favorable.  That's my favorite part... partly because it sounds like a weather forecast... and partly because I hope it stays true.

I'll be heading back to Nippori Textile Town soon, hopefully it will be alive with activity and not so cold! I'll also be attending the Tokyo International Great Quilt Festival 2014 which starts this week. Everyone here just calls it the Tokyo Dome Show. So, me and 300,000 other quilters are all awaiting the Tokyo Dome Show! Should be fun.

Stay tuned.


  1. Very very cool! It sounds very CLEAN - I'm loving your awareness, keep sharing - it makes me feel like I'm there with you in my own dream. Enjoy!!!!!!

    1. Thanks Katy! Thanks for leaving me a comment! Wish you were here with me... and yes, clean it is. Loving it.

  2. too funny teresa...
    #1..Old Jimmy and I found the orderly lines to the subway were nice.
    #2..I should've told you about this.
    #3..hmmmm..would young Jimmy have done the same thing?
    #4..self closing doors...watch out!!!..surprising when you least expect it.
    #5..hang on...Young Jimmy will be the one there?

    thinking of you,

    1. Barbara: Love your reply! Old Jimmy and Young Jimmy are not too different! Every day will be a new adventure. Wish you all were here!