Feb 27, 2019

schlepping books - part of the writer's job description

When I set out to write books, I imagined this magical life where I would travel to cool places and meet interesting people. I would read great books and dig through library archives. I would research articles and interview experts. It would all be so literary!

Nowhere in this picture did I imagine schlepping books to the post office! But here I am... packing boxes, stuffing mailers, labeling, buying postage, distributing... all with the help of my husband, thankfully!

This part of the business can take hours out of the day... but even though I never imagined doing this, and the books are heavy and hard to transport, its actually very cool because I have the opportunity to send each one off with the hopes someone may enjoy reading it or looking at all the beautiful quilts.

I'm pictured here mailing the books that were pre-ordered for my newest title "American Cotton: Farm to Quilt." I also sold out of my supply of books at QuiltCon in Nashville, so I am shipping books to the fabulous quilters who wanted a copy of "Cotton & Indigo from Japan."

So, I now have this advice to keep in mind, or share with would-be writers: Schlepping is part of the job description of a writer!

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