Dec 28, 2015

2015: favorite photos of stuff I finished, places I went and things I did

In 2015 I finished quite a bit of stuff. I went to some awesome places. And I actually accomplished quite a few things.

Plus, its super cool that I've kept up this blog as both my journal to record and my mandate to do so with good photos.

Here's a few photos of my favorite moments of 2015!

I like to quote one of the very talented writers I follow, Peter King (in case there are any other football nerds out there)... he always writes in his MMQB column a section called... "things that may only interest me"

So here goes mine... 

some things that may interest only me

In 2015, I made quite a few art quilts. Two that I love (zebras and a cardinal in applique), as well as several pieced and improv quilts featuring Japanese fabric. 

Mid-year I remodeled my studio. That was fantastic. Totally jump started my creativity. Also got me going to begin a project to use up my old stash. Now I'm making simple quilts of love to give away.

So many exciting things to remember... one of the highlights was being featured in a magazine: Where Women Create Business.

Went 'round and 'round the state of Texas (and one trip to Omaha) on a book tour. Met so many wonderful quilters. The husband traveled with me a lot and we put some miles on his snazzy new car. My quilt buddy Amy G. went on a few trips too. Turns out traveling with a quilter to give talks at quilt guilds is a pretty handy thing. My son had to substitute for one event. He was completely thrilled about that...(not really).

September - went back to Japan and held a reception for the artists' featured in my book. That was a ton of fun!

October - I was also honored to be invited to give a lecture at the Texas Quilt Museum - and the Consul General of Japan joined us!

And finally, 2015 will forever be remembered as the year my first book was published! 

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  1. Lovely recap. Congratulations on your wonderful book. I enjoyed my first read. It's a keeper!