Sep 9, 2015

Oh Omaha, what a night we had

Oh Omaha. What a night we had!

To the Omaha Quilters' Guild - you are just the best. Thank you for inviting me to be your guest speaker to talk about the history of Japanese quilting. You are enthusiastic and energetic... and such a talented and kind group of quilters.

No wonder you have so many members!

Luckily I don't get nervous speaking to large crowds.. because this is a BIG room. And it did not take long for these chairs to fill.

Gerry Cordes - the program chair for Omaha - is a fantastic coordinator. It was such a pleasure to work with her. Many people may not realize, but she and I emailed and spoke several times over the past 10 months to set this up and finalize all the details. And the program chairs have to do this every month for every speaker and workshop! So hats off to you Gerry and all the volunteer program coordinators for quilt guilds everywhere.

I even had a visit from Omaha resident Jane Martin, a longtime family friend who grew up with my mom. What a treat!

And then... this lovely surprise was waiting for me in my hotel room. How sweet! Indeed... what a night it was.

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  1. Congratulations on another speaking engagement. How delightful to run into family friends. Enjoy your travels!