Sep 13, 2015

Japanese quilts in Nebraska

When in Nebraska, go to Lincoln!

University of Nebraska, in fact, --- home of the International Quilt Study Center and Museum. I can't imagine anything I'd rather do than spend the day in this place looking at quilts! This is my second research trip to the IQSCM to study Japanese quilts in their collection.

Posing for pics with my new book. Kim Taylor, Collections Manager (left) and Carolyn Ducey, (right) Curator of Collections, International Quilt Study Center & Museum.
Its always a treat to work with IQSCM's great staff before you arrive... and then, finally to see the quilts up close ... the real thing. Sometimes, seeing the real thing after studying a photo, or reading about a quilt in a book, can be a total surprise. The size, the depth, the colors - these elements just don't translate very well in mere images. Up close, they offer endless curiosity.

I was intently focused on studying two specific quilts - both by Japanese artist Shizuko Kuroha.

She is a longtime quilter who has created an entire world around her beloved indigos and vintage and antique cotton. Her work has inspired many quilters around the globe.

During this visit, I was also treated to an unexpected bonus and viewed the quilts of Eiko Okano. Her brightly colored, contemporary motifs are whimsical, highly embellished and altogether original.

Her multi-cultural vibe is seen over and over in the unusual mix of modern fabrics with buttons, buttons and more buttons that add fun and depth.

And finally, as we exit through the gift shop, I stand in front of the book selection and my mind wanders...

Next time I return, will my book be among those featured on the shelves of this fabulous quilt resource? One can only hope! For now, I'm still outside! :)


  1. Wow! That's heaven on earth for a quilter, isn't it?! Wonderful and thank you for showing the pictures!

  2. Thank you for this post, Teresa! I've linked it to the SAQA Western Canada blog in hopes of enticing members to attend the SAQA conference in Lincoln in 2017. :-)

    P.S. Best wishes for success with your book!

  3. You saw a Shizuko Kuroha quilt in person and got to touch it?????? Awesome. I'm glad I get to be your friend and live vicariously through your experiences :-)

  4. Very exciting quilts! Thanks for sharing them. I'm sure this will encourage more people to visit Lincoln and IQSCM.

  5. I love hearing about your trips! Thanks for sharing pictures of some of the fabulous quilts you get to study!