Mar 15, 2015

two quilts: both showcase Japanese quilting cottons

For the past few weeks, I've focused all my energy on two quilts - both feature Japanese cotton prints.

 These are pictures of some of my hand embroidery on my "improv" double wedding ring featuring Keiko Goke prints. I blogged about this quilt twice in Jan and here's part two. Frankly even though I've made of ton of progress... the pictures look about the same!
Valdani thread and other pearl cotton in toy capsules.
Hand work remnants. Gorgeous.

I don't think this double wedding ring is very good blog material. When you work by hand, the visual progress is slow, slow, slow! But oh so worth it... so this quilt will just have wait for its next appearance until its finished!

Meanwhile, I'm working on a second quilt ... this one features Echino prints.

And I've taken some inspiration from the modern quilts I saw at QuiltCon and I am quilting this one using a lot of the negative space. It will make more sense when I show the finished quilt... it looks a bit odd as a work-in-progress.

And here's the back.
The backing is a deep purple peppered cotton and I am using only one thread on the back - a slightly variegated yellow Aurifil #3920. I have used one entire spool so far... which led to a thread emergency!
Luckily my very kind husband offered to stop at the only quilt shop in Houston (that I know of anyway) that carries this... and he picked up a new spool for me. This is no small feat - if you know Houston - you know this can mean driving 30 minutes one way and 30 minutes back. An hour was just too much for me to give up when I'm focused on sewing. So I kept quilting, he stopped at the quilt store in between his other errands - and all is well. It's good to be me!

More to come. These lovely Japanese cotton prints are so fun and when I hang the two together, I think they will make a great showcase of the Japanese aesthetic in commercial quilting cottons.

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  1. It was great seeing the actual quilts and the tote bag at the SAQA meetup. ~Sharon

  2. The hand work is amazing and your quilts are absolutely gorgeous ! I'll have to go check out the Echino fabric somewhere, I like that a lot. Those husbands are wonderful aren't they. Mine would do something like that for me too.

  3. These are great! I know that slow-going-doesn't-look-like-much-progress feeling. I tend to only have one or so major project going at a time, and when my progress is, well now I'm painting. Now I'm painting some more.... now I'm painting..... it doesn't feel like there's a lot to show. I can't wait to see both finished though, especially the improv dwr, it's been drawing my eye since you started it!

  4. Hello Teresa,

    The colours on the Japanese cottons are glorious - so intense! I love the way they are inspiring you to give a free rein to your imagination, and the combination of appliqué and FMQ on the birds panels.

    Thank you for linking up with Free Motion Mavericks!

    Love, Muv