Mar 22, 2015

discovering vintage quilts - my own

At some point in time, I guess its inevitable that your very first quilts will qualify as vintage. And when I opened a box of traditional quilts I'd put away years ago, I recognized that these hand applique and hand quilted treasures now fit the definition of true vintage. So now that I've rediscovered them, I've hung them front and center in our home.


  1. Look at all of your beautiful hand quilting !

  2. Lovely! I agree - the hand quilting is gorgeous! I'd love to see more of those applique quilts:)

  3. Gorgeous quilts, so glad you are displaying them. Stunning hand quilting!


  4. I love the hand stitching on your older quilts, just beautiful.

  5. Hello Teresa,

    Your quilts are truly beautiful labours of love.

    The machine! You could do FMQ on it...

    The serial number will give you the year of manufacture:-

    You can work out which model you have here:-
    (yours looks like a 15-90, 15-91, or 15-110. Mine is a 15K-80, and JanineMarie has a 115. The K in my model number just means it was made in Scotland.)

    You can get a free download manual from here:-

    Good luck!
    Love, Muv